DeafBlind communicating with tactual ASL.Wynfield Christian Academy's DeafBlind HopeDeafBlind communicating with print on palm method.

Wynfield Christian Academy's DeafBlind program actively works to provide Deafblind children and adults with the educational, accessibility, and/or medical equipment ot training they need to become productive and independent. We actively work to find funding for these needs and provide those needs through our own staff and operations when appropriate or help the individual obtain those needs through other agencies when necessary.

Face to Face communciation with a screen braille communicator.

Wynfield Staff and members of DeafBlind Hope are now working to fund and provide an intervener and accessible technology and appropriate teaching materials for one student in the program now. ShaynePatrick, age 8, who is DeafBlind with other health issues uses American Sign Language as his primary language. He desperately needs a full-time intervener to bring the world to him in the ways that he can access it. For more information about ShaynePatrick and what we hope to accomplish for him click here: Operation Rescue!

DeafBlind child working with her teacher.

The staff and members of DeafBlind Hope are also working to provide the funds for Holly Alonzo of Arkansas to get an Auditory Brainstem a Implant to regain some of her hearing. Holly has NF2, a disease that causes tumors to grow anywhere in the body. Tumors have damaged her auditory nerves causing her to lose most of her hearing. Previous tumors have already caused total blindness. Please help Holly to have the opportunity to regain some of her precious hearing.


Meet our clients:

ShaynePatrick Thompson

Holly Alonzo

How You can HelpBraille notetaker

The clients of DeafBlind Hope need your help to receive the training, equipment, support, and acceptance they need to build their future of independence and success. Their needs may differ, but their ability to work toward that future suited for a good life for them is the same. They just need help from you. What can you do to help these children and adults?
Our clients need your financial support if you can provide that. Even in these tough economic times, they deserve the chance to learn and grow to add to the country’s economy, too. It costs anywhere between $1000.00 $1,500.00 a week for the intervener who is trained to bring the world to a DeafBlind child. Braille equipment is $5,000-$8,000.00. Hearing aids, FM systems are $5,000.00. None of this is covered by insurance plans. School systems do not provide many of these services. State agencies provide very little of it. Regardless of most parents’ income levels, this necessary equipment is out of their reach. These parents want the same things for their children as other parents. Their children deserve it. Most DeafBlind adults can’t get a job without training. However, many employers will find ways not to not hire them, so they do not have to pay to provide the necessary needs. These DeafBlind Adults deserve the same opportunity to work for a successful, independent life as other adults.
Our clients also need your time even if you do not have much money to help. Donate your time to help us raise funds, create teaching materials, spend time playing with a DeafBlind child, talking with a DeafBlind adult. You can learn American Sign Language or even just the manual alphabet to warm a client’s heart with a few moments of your time and words. If you are part of an organization, you could help us set up an event to attract members of the community entertain them in some way, and educate them of our mission and our needs to fulfill that mission for our clients. There are many ways you can donate your time. Don’t be afraid. Our staff and families will be right along beside you.
The most important thing you can do to help our clients beyond money and time is to accept them as worthy human beings. They are capable of amazing things and can contribute to the world around them. You do not need to fear them. They only have love for others. Accept them and shout to the world with us as we try to educate the government, the employers, and the neighbors that they are worthy in our society. They deserve the love we can provide. They deserve the chance to become productive members of our communities.
Will you be the one to take a chance on them? Will you be the one who will step up to help give them their future? They won’t disappoint you.
Renee Walker
Executive Director



Please Donate. (All donations are tax-ductible through our 501(c) organization.) A tax donation letter will be sent by mail to all donors as required by the IRS.

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ShaynePatrick Thompson

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