Client Narrative: Holly

Holly and her husband and son
Holly is a 22 year old wife and mother of an active toddler. She has NeuroFibromatosis 2, NF2, which causes tumors to grow anywhere in the body especially on the spine and cranial nerves. There is no cure or treatment for NF2. Surgery can sometimes be done to remove a tumor, but it can grow back. Holly lost her vision at 13 during surgery to remove a tumor from her brain near the optic nerves. She is totally blind. One tumor on her brainstem almost took her life before they could remove it. Now she has tumors growing on the auditory nerves which are taking her hearing. One tumor has already totally destroyed her nerve in one ear and any chance of hearing again in that ear. The other ear is her last chance. However, that tumor is growing, and her hearing is deteriorating. Time is running out for Holly. If she can raise the funds to get an Auditory Brainstem Implant before the tumor there permanently destroys the nerve, she will have the chance of retaining some hearing to give her security in a dark world and hear her child say, “I love you, Mommy.”

Please consider helping Holly with her dream of sound in the darkness.

DeafBlind Hope

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