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Wynfield Christian Academy is an accredited K-12 program for homeschool students. There are on-site and distance learning programs available, as well as programs that utilize aspects of both types of instruction. Our goal is to provide quality education using the many different forms of study available today, and to shine God's love through our hearts to the hearts of the children for their future in God's service.




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As you can already see, there have been some improvements to the website. As many of my parents know, I, Renee' Walker, maintain the website myself. That is sometimes a daunting task. I have done a fair amount of web site design in the past, but being DeafBlind has put a new twist to the work. However, as usual, God has guided me and sustained me for the task. If you notice that our website does not appear as many sites on the web you are accustomed to, I am designing our site to be accessible to all, including low-vision and blind viewers using screen readers. As we go along, there will be more color. I only see colors now, so I love a world of color.


The School Resources page is only a start. This page contains a few of the programs that Wynfield has included into its program directly. You will find many more on our WCA Online site to which you will be given access once you enroll.

We have on-line classrooms for live tutoring, monitored chat rooms for the school students, access to special programs, and many more resources as we continue to grow. We are a school of over 50 students now. Thank you parents and students for sharing our ministry with others. My family and I are here to serve God by helping bright, young minds and hearts grow in stature as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, did on earth.

Explore our site and if you find that you are interested in enrolling or want more information, please email our New Student Advisor, Mrs. Chance at dchance@wynfieldca.org or our principal at rkwalker@wynfieldca.org.

We also have a separate program for DeafBlind children that allows us to find interveners to provide the special on-to-one education for these students which brings the world to them in the only ways they can access its wonders- without sight and sound. WCA staff has also set up a special fund and organization called Georgia Deafblind to help raise the funds and awareness to bring help to the many DeafBlind children and adults in Georgia and the world. Please consider donating to help us provide the interveners, equipment, and educational materials to meet their many needs. You can find out more about one our children we are raising funds for now by clicking here: Operation Rescue! Click for more information here: DeafBlind Program