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School Starts Aug1st Officially

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School Starts Aug1st Officially
by Admin User - Tuesday, 14 October 2014, 6:18 AM


School is starting soon. There is one change that I want all parents to know about. You do not need to upload tests to WCA Online anymore. WCA is no longer required to keep subject tests for 7 years as previously required. You enter your students grades into TeacherEase grade book, and then merely let your advisor see the tests to verify that TE averages are correct when your student takes the final for that subject. We do not need or keep copies now. If the subject doesn't require an observed final,9 Bible, muic, i.e.) we do not need to see tests. Lab certificates or other awards used to get credit for other types of classes you can just show them to your advisor to verify the credit. Your advisor will make note that credit is valid by documentation presented.

WCA hopes this makes your school experience easier. We know it will for us.

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