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Update on The Raines' Family and their Recovery from COVID-19

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Update on The Raines' Family and their Recovery from COVID-19
by Admin User - Monday, 11 May 2020, 12:10 PM

Hi, Everyone,

Barbara asked me to update everyone with the family’s health situation. Overall, they have improved in their battle with the virus, COVID-19. We praise God for that. We still need to continue to pray. Julius has been hospitalized as the virus aggravates some pre-existing issues he has. He has had very high blood pressure and kidney issues that made hospitalization necessary recently. They hope to have him ready to discharge home by now or soon with instructions to see an outside cardiologist and urologist to continue treatment after they get him stabilized with the in-house doctors and treatment. Please pray that treatment is successful and his full recovery can be seen soon at home and the annoying, lingering cough stops. Barbara’s mother still needs care as she is very frail and is continuing video PT with Barbara helping with that. She can now walk short distances from the bed with a walker, but still very weak and still needing home oxygen therapy. Kenan is doing fine and helping his mother as he can. Barbara is feeling better, and cough is better, but comes on still sometimes at its own whim. Mainly, she needs more time to rest herself. Family members are trying to get where they can come in and relieve her as soon as possible, so she can go back to her own home and rest which she hasn’t been able to do because her mother needs 24 hour care still and the virus was still contagious. Now that is better, hopefully others in the family can take over. Pray that they all continue to recover and to reach full recovery. Barbara’s mother (and the whole family) is still needing to grieve the loss of her husband (the family's father and grandfather)  and the loss of her own independence will only hinder that. 

I am praying for your safety and health, too. God is in control, and I personally see His hand in all of this, for good already.  People who are allowing His work in their lives are seeing a closeness to him and to their families now more than ever. Those who are reluctant are still deep down feeling His pull to change, so we must keep storming Heaven with our prayers for their sakes. Although the country’s economy is down, people who are looking closely are noticing the decline that we had for the last couple of months has already slowed tremendously as we get back to work trusting the True God that many in our country still look to in faith. If we continue to pray and trust God, we can overcome this. No matter how bleak a situation is we can know that God is with us continuously, so HOPE is never gone. We are just learning more about our Savior and LORD Jesus.

Sending love as always,
Renée K. Walker, Ed. S.