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Sad News and Request for Prayers

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Sad News and Request for Prayers
by Admin User - Saturday, 24 December 2022, 5:52 PM

Good evening on this joyous Christmas Eve,

I know many of you won't see this until later as you celebrate with your family which is fine. It is important that I ask all of our WCA family to pray for one of our own. A student's father died today. They have had several losses in the immediate family over the last two years due to COVID and then other illnesses more recently. Now, suddenly and unexpectedly, our fellow student is now dealing with the loss of the father who was the only custodial parent. The days of grieving begin, but with a great amount of uncertainty and even fear. Please pray for the student and all of the family as they deal with grief and the many decisions to come in the days ahead. I may even ask for donations in the days ahead as I find out more about the situation. 

Thank you so much in advance. Also, hug your family members tight tonight and remind them of your love for them. Any time of the year it is difficult losing a loved one, but today, this season, is even more so.

God is good and faithful in all situations. We can stand on His promises. Merry Christmas!