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ITBS/ITED Standardized Testing

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ITBS/ITED Standardized Testing
by Admin User - Friday, 9 April 2021, 12:56 PM

WCA has decided, for various reasons,  to suspend/elminate testing for ITBS/ITED each school year. We have other options available for WCA students to meet annual testing requirements. Elementary and middle school students may do Wide Range Acheiivement Test (WRAT) with WCA Independently or use an outside source such as the link provided below. High School students will have PSAT and SAT School Day once a year onsite as usual. We also can use WRAT in some incidences, as well. If in grades 9-11 and preferring ITED testing, the following link might help, too, or a Google search may render links to obtain testing independently.

Students not enrolled in WCA will need to seek other outside sources for ITBS/ITED standardized testing. You can start your search with the link below.  In regards to high college prep testing, these students can continue to sign up for PSAT/SAT School Day as long as slots are available each year.

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